Some Major Accomplishments for the Idea Man

  • Multiple Proj Mgmt with full budget to $40MM from concept thru deliverables, global contract & vendor selection, negotiation & admin, systems architecture & build, data tracking, analysis & presentations all levels, team build & supervision plus innovative cost containment to exceed client expectations. See website for details.
  • Extensive global travel for GE to qualify vendors & equipment for electrical powerplants, serving Asia, Western & Eastern Europe, North & Latin America Etc. for all HV - LV gear, Plus Team & systems development, Six Sigma mentor, Contracts Admin.
  • Developed & implemented retrofit multi-form blister packaging for Duracell, saving over $40MM, and using special undercut and blow-off tooling techniques to produce unique display package capabilities.
  • Eliminated transmitter intermittency and ran recall program for TRW, resulting in over $35MM savings and simultaneous awarding of Q1 (First Quality Level for Ford) flag to plant = Only non-employee to ever win TRW Chairman's Award.
  • Developed, patented & implemented special plugs, adapters, pressure housings and disposable shutoff valves for Reverse Osmosis and Filtration for Kodak, and automated processes following hand process startup, plus proprietary labeler for Gaylord with patented drag disks to assure 17 years of exclusive sales of supplies.
  • Invented and implemented numerous industrial & consumer products using molded, stamped and extruded plastics, metal, fibers, paper & wood, developed assembly machines, quality systems, documentation and procedures, and managed their introductions through full automation in various industries.
  • Established private practice HIPAA compliant database & billing systems and third-party credentialing for e-billing for Nurse Practitioners in Family Medicine and Psychiatry. Advised Insurers & Med Offices on data structuring & processing for Disaster Recovery & Billing Efficiency. Advised ITAZ on Digitized Documents handling for Medical Practice. Modified Medicare Software Output to allow use for other 3rd-Party Payer e-billing. (1/1/06) Convinced NYSDOH Medicaid to pay NP specialties when secondary to Medicare. Established multi-practitioner credentialing via CAQH system.
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