Ode to Ainsley Lynne – With Apologies to Coca Cola ;-)


I’d like to take the chance to sing, for people far and wide

That my daughter and her husband have, again filled me with pride

I’d like to say for all to hear, the joy I felt within

When first I saw the Facebook post, that their daughter’s birth had been


I thought at once of all the ways, that Jess has beat my dreams

And there laid Ainsley Lynne, their child, with promises in reams

I thought from my perspective spot, of all the things we’d do

Like driving fast and havin’ a blast, while her days just numbered two


I thought of how her life will change, from that we’ve known so well

Some sad, some glad, some good, some bad, but who can ever tell?

Some things we can’t yet conjure up, some things that we can see

Like cars that will all drive for her, a hateful thing for me


I thought about her Mom and Dad, and the scary world they’re in

I thought she might be a lonely child, because she has few kin

I thought about the simple fact, that girls are still not seen

As equals to their male cohorts, yet often viewed as “Queen”


But then I saw her Mom and knew, that I had naught to fear

The model for what she can be, was lying ever near

With wisdom far beyond her years, and demonstrated skill

She’d mentor Ainsley very well, and get her up that hill


And then I thought of Tom, her Dad, his multi-cultured views

And knew she’d have the best of chance, whichever was the news

Their love, so evident to see, the best guides she could hope

Would never make, her aspirate, be limited by “Nope”


She’ll be a child who’ll learn to laugh, enjoy the things of life

She’ll struggle as we all must do, with problems and with strife

But she’ll also have a rock hard base of principled belief

That humor is the best of lube, to bring the soul relief


So smile she will for Grandpa’s eyes, and climb upon his knee

To hear him sing, and tell her jokes, and hear her scream with glee

To watch her grow, those eyes, that mind, and hear her asking “Why”?

To help her find her place and time, and help her find her “My”


To nurture her, to soothe her hurts, to swab away her tears

To show her beauty in all things, and mollify her fears

To let her see that strength is not, to bully on the field

Instead to show the strength required, to understand and yield


To learn to work with others, to achieve a partnered aim

Respect and cherish courage and, be fair and play the game

Integrity and honor, a soul you’ll want around

To offer some assistance to someone who’s feeling down


I know she’ll be a leading voice, for those who can’t be heard

She’ll learn the power of a thought, expressed with just a word

I’ll hope she’ll fight injustice and, resist oppressive thought

And when the battle’s over, she’ll be glad that it was fought


She’ll seek out others’ thinking, and question all her own

But never fear to stand for things, even when she stands alone

And when her nest no longer holds her wings from taking flight

I’ll know she’ll have a firm grasp of the concept of “What’s Right”


I’ll want her strength and grace to shine for everyone to see

I’ll hope her life will always be reflecting back on me

But never let my humble hopes be limits on her dreams

She’ll rise beyond whatever hopes my lowly mind perceives


My pride will be most satisfied to know she does her best

No matter what results that makes, I know my heart will rest

Whenever, like her Mom does now, she volunteers a care

And tells someone, wheree’er she is, “You know; I started there.”


            Words by Joe Holzer  8/8/2017